Amy Hopkins

Amy is a writer who’s about to release her first fiction book, Talented. It will be the first book in a series of urban fantasy stories based in modern day London.

Prior to this, Amy has published a non-fiction book, and run two successful blogs. She’s been a part of the blogging community in one way or another for several years and has picked up numerous tips and tricks on the way. She’s an avid researcher and spends her non-writing time listening to podcasts, taking short courses and learning how to market and self-publish.

Amy has three kids, a wonderful husband and a dog and lives pretty much as far away from Ronnie as it gets- on the east coast of Australia.

Amy doesn’t have a website yet… or a facebook page, twitter account or a following. Her plan is to create these platforms as part of the podcast series, so you can watch her try each suggested method of building an audience and watch those results in real time. Her site details will be added here when ready.