**BREAKING** Move over Smashwords, Novelpal is in town

So I just saw mention of a new aggregator being launched. What’s an aggregator? It’s a platform that allows you to upload your ebook to multiple publishers from one place, track sales and earn money, all from a single dashboard. Smashwords is possibly the best known and Draft 2 Digital a close runner up.

So who is the new guy on the block? Novelpal.com

It’s still in beta but to lure authors in, if you sign up now, your account (so, all the books you ever upload to them) will be hosted free. That’s right, no cut taken from your commission, no fees, EVER.  And, they allow you to upload to Amazon via their service.

Amazon has shown in the past that they’re not down with aggregation services. Smashwords and D2D both offered Amazon uploads at one time, but were booted from the platform, so it’s dubious that this will be a long-term offering. Also, the royalties offered are the standard direct figures, rather than the higher cut offered, for example, at iBooks via Smashwords.

At this stage they only offer uploads at iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Amazon, so the service is more limited than the other platforms but this is something novepal says they’re working on. Apart from the current inclusion of Amazon and the free status for early adopters (no words yet on standard fees once they’re up and going if you miss the boat now) is their willingness to look at other options put forward.

This Kboards thread gives you all the info on the service.

**This isn’t an official endorsement of novelpal, we’re just passing on the info. Amy’s going to sign up and run her non-fiction book through them, so stay tuned for an update!

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