It’s almost, nearly, so close to being here! That’s the link for our teaser. We’ve uploaded to iTunes for approval and you can subscribe to the RSS feed from here. Sign up, download, subscribe, whatever! You can use your favourite aggregator to get the episodes delivered to your favourite platform, but we’d love a chance at getting into the ‘new and noteworthy’ […]

Fear less

Fear. One word, a lot of things it can conjure. That singular word has a lot of power, well, if you give it that power that is. It stops artists, authors, whatever, from producing. Stalls them, you. It’s pretty terrible. So what do you do about it? Fear less. Be fearless. Not as easy as […]

Who we are: R.R. Virdi

Hey-o all! I’m R.R. Virdi, fellow wordsmith, otter lover, wild plot wrangler (yes I’ve been trained) and author. Sup? I’ve got a bio here, I’d highly recommend reading that so I don’t have to make this terribly redundant and reintroduce myself. But I guess I’m going to have to do that anyways, aren’t I? So, […]