Episode #1: The who, what and why.

EPISODE #1, The Who, What and Why

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What we talked about today:

The Australian Author study
*1/3 of genre authors had self-published, for more reasons than failure to land a contract- creative control and financial reasons also play a part.
*43 per cent of authors earn the average annual income for the Australian workforce in 2013-14 FY or higher ($61,485)
*The average income derived from practicing as an author is $12,900
*Genre fiction authors are the most active self-publishers with over one-third self-publishing

Next Episode
We’ll be discussing  the importance of treating your writing as a business- something Authors often hesitate to do. We’ll look at some common mindsets that hold us back, and how to overcome them along with how to create a business plan that suits your format. We’ll talk about the importance of investing in your work and how not doing so not only holds you back but is unfair on your readers.

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