Episode #2: Hobby vs Business

EPISODE #2, Hobby vs. Business

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What we talked about today:

Sales by genre, 2014 compared to 2010:
*Romance, mystery and thriller are the places to be
*Fantasy is declining!

Author Earnings:
*Big 5 make up of 50% of genre sales- Indie is 24%
*AUTHOR REVENUE: Indie is 47%, Big 5 only 32%
*There are close to double the number of Indie authors in every price bracket from $10k to $250k. Evens out at $500k and $1M (based on kindle ebook sales alone)

Author Business Models
*Importance of building a series
*tracking clicks and sales origins with affiliate links
*targeted social advertising
*new innovations from distributors and how this shifts the power from big publishers
*author assistants

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