Episode #5: Interview with Clare Ryan

EPISODE #5: Author Interview with Claire Ryan

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What we talked about today:

Today we have Clare Ryan, author of the fantasy adventure The Meldling. Claire is a web developer, bookbinder, and swordfighter who writes fantasy adventure. She escaped from the wilds of Ireland and now lives in Vancouver BC along with her husband and daughter.


We had a great chat about websites, covering what you need when you’re just starting out down to the kind of amazing site Clare has over at www.raynfall.com.

We also chatted marketing strategies while we talked about book binding (yup, the two are related) and touched on the importance of a mailing list for a new author.
Claire’s book: The Meldling

In a world torn apart by a war between two powerful races, a woman without a past wakes up in a dungeon. Suzanna is a meldling – a dangerous fusion of human and daemon – and her rediscovery of herself may be the key to bringing peace to the daemonva.

Catch your eye? You can buy it on various stores at http://raynfall.com/the-meldling/ 


Don’t forget our Gumroad store has an easy downloadable business plan- and we’ve added a quick cheat sheet for adding MailChimp sign ups to your website!

Go and check out R.R. Virdi on Amazon or see his website here.

Amy’s website is still evolving but you can see the work in progress. You can see the vid for how she did that here.

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