Episode #7: T-minus 15 days to launch!

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We’re talking about launch strategies, how to make word-of-mouth work for you, and how to launch a book.

Amy is nearly ready to pop! Dream Stalker is 101% ready to go – in fact, the paperback link is live already (was that a big mistake?). Here’s what she’s doing:

E-book launch T-minus 15 days.
Pre-order now live @99c with 3 preorders so far
Paperback link LIVE (for reviews) with 11 copies already sold to fam and friends
Requested Amazon link the two today.

BKnights to book for the 26th, $10
Awesomegang to go the following Monday, $12 (booked)
Looking to add Betty Book Freak for $12 also
SFF Mega-Promo newsletter first weekend of March, targeting KU subscribers (free)

Facebook ads running $1/day until launch (21 days total), directing people to sign up at the website for the free chapter 1 download. Currently on day 6, 1k impressions, 5 sign-ups from 6 clicks (started slow, but gained momentum over the last 24h after some tweaking).
This will change to sales page ads when it’s live.

Newsletter subscribers: 27
Free Kindle Giveaway promo booked for March 1 (for newsletter subscribers), I think that was $20/silver level
ARC copies sent: 5
ARC copies requested: 18 via Librarything (free, ends on the 17th)

Review on BookAngel going up *at some stage*. I didn’t request this, they approached me *swoon*. It’s a .uk site so super relevant!
Interview with the Muse scheduled to go live sometime in the far off future. Ronnie did his a while ago, you can see that here.

*I’ll update this post as I go and will add numbers individually for each promo as it hits*

 R.R. Virdi will be launching book two of the Grave Report series in a couple of months. If you haven’t read the first one, grab it here in paperback or kindle!

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