Who We Are

The Blargh Factory is a podcast for writers, by writers. We were sick of seeing all the advice out there for self-publishers that was written by the guys that got in when the self-publishing boom hit. If you have a kajillion followers, you’re gonna sell books. What about those writers who only have 3 followers, including Nanna and your neighbour’s garden gnome?

We’re putting all the advice to the test so YOU don’t have to. See the results as we progress, as they apply to a self-published author looking to grow his audience and an author about to release her first book. Cut through the jargon and see exactly what we do, step-by-step, to build our platform and reach our sales goals.

Ronnie, the writing coach and motivator of the team, is a self-published author getting ready to release his second book. Grave Beginnings is a paranormal detective novel with nearly 100 Amazon reviews and a solid 5-star average rating. Ronnie’s goal is to build a bigger audience to launch the next book with a bang and grow weekly sales enough to make a living wage. He’ll show you how to take the book you’ve got, and make it do better, along with giving you tips on writing craft and how to stay motivated when things are less than great.

Amy is the marketing guru. She has previously run a successful blog and launched a non-fiction book. She’s about to release her first fiction book in a new urban fantasy series. Talented will be launched in January 2016. Amy will detail each step in this process to show new authors how to create a website, publish a book and create a facebook page. She’ll test out all the advice floating around about how to build an author platform and show you each week how it’s progressing.

Together, they are the Blargh Factory.